Triple Win Solutions

Farmers – Environment – Customers


Our Kunchi business is set up in a way that ensures the farmers are getting at least a little more return on their land than with other comparable crops. Even though the harvest amounts are much smaller we ensure the farmer has a fair income.

As temu kunci is an ideal understory plant the farmer can even double use his land, meaning he can still grow his crops like papaya, cacao and coconut etc and raise his income by adding the Kunchi amongst the existing plants.


By asking the farmers to grow the Kunchi without the input of any chemical fertilisers or pesticides we are helping to keep the land fertile and chemical free.Our contract with the farmers only assures their steady income if farmed in an environmentally friendly way.

Through the double usage of temu kunci as an understory plant under other food producing plants those areas are kept chemical free as well.


Through our high standards we are offering you the best quality temu kunci currently available.

Therefore you can get the most benefits from this truly medicinal root.

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