Kunchi is a 100% local, fair trade, raw product fresh to you from the sacred mountain Pucak Tedung near Patang in the centre of Bali.

How to use the fresh Kunchi fingers

Temu kunchi has a distinctive mild aromatic flavour and is a versatile addition to any meal including raw foods and salads

Grate high potency fresh organic Kunchi with a ginger grater or use a juicer to make your own fresh Kunchi creation everyday

* Juices – try our favourite Carrot & Kunchi or Pineapple & Kunchi

* Kunchi juice with fresh Passionfruit over ice is a burst of energy

* Strawberry, Banana and Kunchi Smoothie

* Use it as a spice in stir-fries, soups and traditional Asian meals

* Cut slices of ginger and Kunchi to make herbal tea or infusion

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