Diseases like Dengue and Zika don’t stop at borders. Diseases created by nature can be prevented by using nature. Food is the best medicine. As temperatures rise, mosquito bornes diseases are spreading, and the world responds with more pesticide fogging, GMO mosquitos, vaccines and synthetic drugs. Fresh organic Kunchi combines ancient traditional knowledge with modern scientific research, and you can help us bring this natural solution to the world.

Dengue Fever affects more than 390 million people every year, and the World Health Organisation advises that 40% of the world population is at risk of infection with this debillitating and sometimes fatal disease. Dengue occurs year-round in Indonesia, reaching peak transmission in the rainy season with outbreaks infecting hundreds of thousands.

We live in an age where tropical diseases like Dengue and Zika are spreading…

There is an even bigger concern that Zika could arrive in areas already struggling to control the mosquito-borne diseases Dengue and Chikungunya. Billions of dollars are being invested by governments and pharmaceutical companies around the world to rapidly develop vaccines, mosquito limiting mechanisms including GMO mosquitos, and synthetic drugs to fight Dengue and the new threat of Zika. The increasing spread and severity of the dengue and Zika viruses, the lack of any treatment medicines, emphasizes the importance of drug discovery strategies to identify antiviral drug leads.

A group of entrepreneurial farmers in the Petang region in the geographic center of Bali, well off the tourist trails are growing this ginger called Temu kunchi, with the common names of Chinese Keys or Fingerroot. They have surveyed and found high quality areas of this ginger in the food forests surrounding the sacred mountain Pucak Tedung, and have spent a year planting and quietly waiting for it to grow.

Your donation will enable Kunchi Bali to scale up production and teach the farmers to keep it organic. Kunchi product development to export standards will make it available to help improve the health of all the people. It will also go towards specific research on whether this medicinal plant will effect Zika, which is a very close relative of Dengue.

If you want to help make this happen, then please support us and help us get this natural herbal Jamu out to the world.


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